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    Default From Frank Woods from RI

    Hi all, I am a new beekeeper. Have one hive (2 deep supers so far). Terrible weather so far in New England but I have lots of packed brood and other frames with uncapped honey. I have a facebook page that I keep pictures on with my progress. "Friend" me if you would like to exchange pics and progress reports.

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    Default Re: From Frank Woods from RI

    Hello and welcome to the board Frank. I was in Rhode Island at the end of May and wondered how the beekeeping was coming along. (Man, what I wouldn't give for a couple of days fishing on Narragansett Bay, an evening at Waterfire, and Lobster Benedict at that little Modern Diner place in Pawtucket.) Hopefully you all will get the weather you need for the girls to prepare for a long New England winter.


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