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    Default The error of my ways with a swarm trap

    It started this spring and forgot to put some frames in a trap. Put the trap up and you guess it had one move in. From there I didn't think it out and I tried the comb to some draw out combed frams that I had, and boxed it all up. At is time my plan is to let this mess go for a week or two and then look and see what I have. When I get them place where I want them will put them on a can of surup and a pollen patty. What would you do differnt at this point.

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    Default Re: The error of my ways with a swarm trap

    I would want to clean up the mess sooner rather than later. Each day get's closer to winter and the time it will take for them to build up. Two weeks is a wasted two weeks if their efforts aren't in the right direction and you need to scrap their combs.

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    Default Re: The error of my ways with a swarm trap

    Is there any way you can wire this into frames? Was it a trap or a small nuc? Can you rob any frames from other hives to fix this?
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    Default Re: The error of my ways with a swarm trap

    Get some empty wooden frames. No foundation or comb in them. Get some rubber bands that are big enough to go around the wooden frame. Cut the combs free with your knife, and then put them in the empty frames with the rubber band going around the frame and holding the comb in place. Do this for all the combs they have drawn. Problem solved.


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