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    Default When to add a drone

    I am new to keeping bees and just started a hive from a package this summer. So far everything seems to be going ok. I am now using a screened BB and am wondering when or even if I should add one of the plastic drone foundation frames to try and keep down mites. Thanks ahead of time for any advice.

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    Default Re: When to add a drone

    Raising drones takes up precious resources that they need to get ready for their first winter. I would moniter the mite levels closely and wait until spring to use the drone foundation.
    Usually a new package from a reputable source won't have the same mite problem as an established hive as there is little brood in the beginning so the mites don't reproduce to fast. Hiving a package after the first spring buildup is roughly the equivelent of using drone frames from a mite build-up point of view as there is no brood for the mites to reproduce in.


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