Hi, I am a new beekeeper and I need some experienced beekeeper(s) to tell me if I am about to do something stupid.

First, some background. It is my understanding that an inventory of drawn comb is very desirable in the spring. As a new beekeeper I have no surplus inventory, only what is currently in the hive. Here in Kentucky, the spring flow is ending; but, the hive still has lots of capped brood and presumably young bees capable of making wax.

I was thinking about feeding sugar syrup to stimulate the drawing of comb and so providing an inventory. I haven’t seen anything, pro or con, in the literature about doing this. I can see two possible negatives:
(1) it would extend the swarm season (since the bees would perceive a nectar flow)
(2) it would extend the queens egg laying into summer resulting in a increased summer population (but there would be the sugar syrup stores to feed them).

Please let me know why I should or shouldn’t do this. Also, let me know if some of my assumptions are wrong.