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    Default New from Eastern Ontario

    I have been reading up and trying to find out about keeping some bees. I only
    want a hive or two and hope to start next spring.There has never been any
    bees kept on the family farm. I think the area near the old buildings would
    be a great location. It looks like a loosing battle with all that can wrong with
    them, still I want to try. This beesource site has tons of great info and thank
    you to all who has shared all the great information.Think I will start with brand new hives to avoid any carry-over from used ones. I think there is a dealer near Ottawa, less than an hour from here.

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    Default Re: New from Eastern Ontario

    Hi Cheesegenie. I'm a second year Ottawa beekeeper. Welcome. Glad to see you persevere - it isn't all bad.

    "Nobody notices the poop they don't step in."

    People tend to post here when they need help, not when everything is going fine. Mind you, I do see more of the "Wow! This is going great!" posts here than on other forums, but they are still outnumbered.


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    Default Re: New from Eastern Ontario

    Hey Cheesegenie, I live about 30 minutes from you in a rural area near Alexandria! I just started with two hives this summer and have met a few beekeepers in the area who are doing just fine, so don't be discouraged! I got my nucs from a fellow just across the border in Quebec, and he makes a modest living off 50 hives, so I think there's every reason to be positive!



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