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    I am a new keeper and have 1 new hive I started in March. I bought a started beehive kit which came with 1 deep, 1 med, and 1 shallow super.

    The hive has been doing great. A week ago I added the the shallow to the the other boxes because they were full. I sprayed the frames with sugar water to maybe jump start the bees moving up.

    This evening we checked the top shallow box and there were bees but absolutely no comb being drawn. Is it too early? I checked the middle super and the frames I checked was solid capped honey. The only different thing I have done is stop feeding them as I did not want sugar water honey to harvest. I have a spare medium frame coming shortly and am thinking about putting the new super on top of the shallow and put a full frame from the full med box in the new med. on top to get something going. What say you?

    Is this what I have heard some say being honey bound?

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    Most likely too late. We had a gangbuster flow here until a week ago then it shut down. When it's over, it's over. Surplus honey from a first year hive is pretty rare. Take enough to taste and leave the rest for the bees.
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    Yep. When it's done it's done. We have a lingering what's left of one here that 'ends' every morning about 8:30 to 9 when everything seems to dry up from heat. Some pollen still comes in along with water.


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