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    Default Do Bees like Larkspur???

    Hi all This is beebikers little queen bee. He won't ask so I will.. LOL
    Do bees like larkspur?? sighhhh everyone is sure to tell me that it is poisinous to cows. But is it harmfull to bees or humans?? They have a long flowering period and they sure would bee pretty in my back yard where the girls live. We are trying to plant things that the girls will like and that flower most of the season. We do live in town so unless we have a an excaped maurading cow this should be no problem. Thanks ahead of time for any advice on this one.

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    Default Re: Do Bees like Larkspur???

    I've never seen any bees on mine. Instead you could try salvia as it looks similar and most varieties are bee pollinated. Mystic Blue is my favorite and the bees go nuts over it.


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