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    Default Alternate ways to test a fence (Not)

    Wood is not a good conductor but it will absorb water (which is) and will hold it for a long time.

    Things not to do around an electric fence:

    A long time ago I was on a survey crew with another guy. Back then all of our equipment was bulky, distance meters, transits, prisims, tripods, etc. One morning we loaded up with all of our equipment and hiked across a field of knee high grass soaked with dew.

    We came up to an electric fence with at least 2 and maybe 3 wires. We didn't know if it was on. Our hands were full and the top wire was about crotch high. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I was young although I grew up around electric fences.

    I had boots with vibram soles. All of our hands were full of machetes, hammers and the above described equipment. For some reason I put the tip of my boot on the top wire and pushed it down for him to step over.

    My pants were wet up to my knees from the dew. Just as he stepped forward I got knocked on my ### by the shock. I don't know how this happened because I was seeing stars but the guy I was with got a wire on each side of one of his legs. He fell over with all of the equipment still caught in the fence.

    I don't remember how he got out but we didn't think it was funny for about a hour. I'm sure if someone had a video camera we would have won some kind of TV award.

    Anyway...there's another was to test an electric fence.

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    Default Re: electric fence tester

    what are power poles made of??

    Around here, a lot of power poles are recycled steel from ships.

    The electric company says wood poles last for 40 years. Steel poles last for 80 years, but are double the price. The savings is in the cost to install the poles. With wood, you have to pay workers to install poles twice in 80 years, but you only pay workers once in 80 with the steel.

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