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Thread: Insecticides

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    In my opinion the reason Roundup gets so much attention is because it is a Monsanto product. Monsanto, for right or wrong, is viewed as evil because of it's role in spearheading GMO's and because of it's great market share. Monsanto is the Microsoft of the ag industry. Whether you like them or not they (just like Microsoft) have brought innovative products to market and (just like Microsoft) have the lions share of the markets they are in.

    It seems to me that there are folks out there so resistant to change that they will react negatively against any new technologies or practices. Agriculture has come a long way from the practices of the past, and it takes companies like Bayer, Dupont, BASF, and even Monsanto to kept American farmers competitive in this global economy and keep yields and production up so consumers can gave access to the cheap food they have become accustom to.


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    >>consumers can gave access to the cheap food they have become accustom to

    bottom line,
    Ian Steppler >> Canadian Beekeeper's Blog

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