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    I extraced today. Supers and i also had some brood frames that was solid honey. Some brood chambers had 6 to 7 frames that was solid honey. I pulled these also. I didn't finish untill late in the eveing.Should wait untill tomorow eveing to put the frames and wet supers back on to prevent robbing or can i put them back on in the am.
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    You are usually safe setting supers out for the bees to clean up if you put them out in early morning or late evening. Putting supers in the yard midday can encourage robbing.

    But if adding wet supers to hives, just put them on above the inner cover on strong hives and you shouldn't have to worry about robbing. The bees will dry the wet supers quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted n Ms View Post
    I extraced today.

    CB is correct. I would wait until the evening that way you get the evening and the morning. Best of both worlds.
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