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    Default Some bees work! Some bees bask in the sun ?

    Whats up with this. I currently have 8 hive on my property. 7 hive all come out and sit on the front porch to soak up some sun and wait for an easy sting ( probably fanning ) but still not bringing anthing in. But I have a hive about 100 yards away and they don't sit on the front porch they use is as a landing gear for bringing in arm loads of yellow luggage, one bee right after another all day long. Now someone tell me what difference is here?

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    Default Re: Some bees work! Some bees bask in the sun ?

    Are the seven full of honey? In my commercial operation, I would never let the hives get full. When the third box up was half full, I would slide a super under it and come back and pull it off in 3 or 4 days. Keep them thinking they have to store more. On the other hand, I took a swarm off a Govt. building. That hive would never make honey in a yard where others were hauling it in. I think they thought they were on welfare. Or were getting ready to run for Congress.


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