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    Default supers over winter? how many?

    A few of my hives are a deep on bottom with supers on top. I didn't have the deeps available when I needed them so I used supers. The hives are in north central mo. Will one deep with 1 super be enough to leave them for winter?

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    Default Re: supers over winter? how many?

    Chock full, maybe. I'd be more comfortable with more stores above it. Keep in mind, it's not just the's the following spring that gets you. I rarely lose hives due to starvation in the winter. I lose them when they burn through stores before I can get food to them in March and even April.
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    Default Re: supers over winter? how many?

    I winter in one deep plus two mediums minimum. I feel comfortable about stores with one deep plus 3 mediums or two deeps plus 1 medium.
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