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    I put a trap on one of the lady's brick home. There was no way to remove them because they are between the brick wall and the chimney. The lady mention that bees are there for almost 5 years. I set a cone trap and put a deep hive next to it. Filled the deep with frames and put one frame with larves and eggs. It seem that all is going smooth. The bees are goin in to the hive. It is almost a week and they still come out from original location. I just wonder how to get the queen? Is she going to come out from original location? How long should I keep the trap there? Someone mention in previous post to spray some kind of liquid, so all the bees will come out. Does anyone know what kind of stuff is that? Thanks for any responses,,

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    Keep the trap on until no more bees come out, could be quite a while. If you are determined to get the queen you'll need to keep changing out the hive outside since they will raise a queen and she would probably kill the one coming out.

    I wouldn't use a repellent, to hard to get it into the nest with a brick building, and it might stink up the house.


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