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    Default Queen Excluder - To use, or not to use?

    I'm a new beek this year in Vermont. I have just added a super with new foundation to my strong hive. I sprayed sugar water on the new frames of foundation to help draw the bees into the super, hoping they would start to draw out the foundation sooner. It's been a week now and they have barely touched the foundation. They've only started to touch the corners.

    I have left the queen excluder off so the bees will be more accepting of the new super and frames. The qeustion is, should I put a queen excluder between the hive bodies and the super once they start drawing out the foundation?

    I heard varying opions on this subject, so I'm curious to get a few more.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Queen Excluder - To use, or not to use?

    For various reasons, including the information in this link, when I run colonies for honey production I use a queen excluder and all my entrances are above the excluder, except for a small hole for drones to escape the brood areas.
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    Default Re: Queen Excluder - To use, or not to use?

    I use queen excluders on all my hives but still only have the bottom entrance. I have thought of making entrances above the excluders but my hives produce tons of honey and seem to do great in that configuration so why change.

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