Hello all
Came upon this Site when searching for some equipment.

Just started BeeKeeping this year. I am a member of my local BeeKeeping Group and my first Hive is comng along nicely.
ie In my inexperience I am leaving them too it and they seem to be getting on pretty well without me interfering too much (Couple of checks and all seems well, added a new Super with foundation to be drawn yesterday).

I use (Wooden) Langstroth Hives with mesh base/floor - although my very experienced Bee Buddy has advised me to keep the solid floor in place at the moment (He is a wise old owl and just said "Its best"....... and then went on to say if you ask 2 BeeKeepers a question you will get at least 3 Opinions!!)

Anyway - Just signing on to say Hello!

I will probably just Lurk and read posts for a while.....

Any UK based posters please say Hi - esp if you are near Peterborough (or even know where it is!!)