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    As you might guess I am new to this forum. I used to raise bees as a hobbyist in the late sixties. Life got busy and earning a living became a primary goal. I retired this past fall and obtained my Master Gardeners certificate as well as one for Organic Gardening. Now I'm back digging in the earth and started educating myself in order to get back to the bees. I went to quite a few seminars this spring and thought I would make preparations to raise only hygienic strains ie, Russians etc the spring of 2010. I have been helping friends this spring and summer and the next thing I knew I brought home a swarm and another. Problem is I was up to 1:30 am building equipment in order to house my new "brood" so to speak. Beekeeping today is a quite a bit different than the sixties regarding pests and pathogens. A good hive managemnt program almost seems the norm rather than the exception. I am looking forward to learning and hopefully sharing as a member of this great site.

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    Welcome i will be learnin right along side of ya.


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