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    Default Hello! Son of a Beekeeper here!


    I am a son of a Beekeeper.

    Dad has been gone some years now, he spent about 55 years in commercial Beekeeping. I remember dad and I delivering barrels of honey at 15 cents/pound. Those where the days. Gas was 28.7cents a gallon at the gas station. Oh, that was around 1969 in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

    I spent many days as a little boy climbing around the warehouse of A.G.Woodman bee supplies in Grand Rapids. I was chased out of the warehouse a few times by Mr.Woodman. I accidentally knocked stacks of supplies over by climbing on them..I think he was my babysitter at times.
    Good old Mr Woodman sold out to Dadants (if memory serves me).

    I spent my first forty-one years being stung from the tips of my toes and heals up to the now thinning crop. I Think, I have been stung any place you could imagine.

    These days I spend my time at a local university studying Environmental Biology.

    Good grief, that is all we need is another biologist.

    I have no colonies but have held on to my hive tool and bee-veil.. You never know when a stray colony will need saving.

    Any-way, I just wanted to say hello!



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    Default Re: Hello! Son of a Beekeeper here!

    Hi Jos,

    Thanks for sharing those great memories of bees and your father. You sound like an excellent candidate for the obsession that is beekeeping. Keep that hive tool and veil!


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    Default Re: Hello! Son of a Beekeeper here!

    Hey Jos, welcome to the addiction. My dad was a beekeeper too, but not in the commercial trade, more of just a hobby I think. Back when I was about my sons age (4 yrs old) some idiot decided that beehives were great for shotgun target practice and my dad opted out....notta bad idea since he's deathly allergic. I do remember going out to the hives with him and he has a fond memory me at about 3 years old. I guess I got out of the truck and caught a bee by the wings so that it couldn't sting me and walked out to where he was in full gear and me in shorts only, I got his attention, showed him my catch and said "bee dad!" Well, 34 years later, I caught my first swarm, bought a hive 2 months later, and now I have captured my 2nd swarm. This has been great and I love every minute of it as just about anyone else on this forum does.
    Now, finish taking the jump and GO GET SOME BEES!



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