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    I need some advice. I just gained 2 new hives from a guy who started them this spring and found out he is allergic (epi-pen allergic) so he gave me the lot. I just moved them here. They were pkgs and the queen cages were still hung in the middle of 5 frames. Frames all drawn out but where the five missing frames were there is lots of bur comb. I tore into one and it looks like the other is the same. the bur comb has filled the empty spots in the hive and are full of brood. The hive i tore into had a deep on top as a spacer for feed cans and they had drawn some comb in there too.

    I hate to pry the lids off and remove all that comb and brood. So what is a guy to do with this. Should I tear into it and pull out the comb or try something else? The inner covers are supporting the comb. these are fairly stong hives that just havent been opened since they were put in.

    Can I put frames/foundation in a new hive body and place it under the old boxes and they will begin to move all this down?

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    Give them a second box, as soon as the queen is in this one put a queen excluder between. Let the brood hatch and than cut the burr come out and fill it with foundations.

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    I agree with Axtmann, however I'd also add that you can cut the comb out and rubber band it into some frames if you'd like and if they are straight enough.
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    yeah also make sure to take the queen cages out also or the brood frames near that will be draw out strangely.


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