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    Default Need some ideas

    I put some honey frames together incorrectly so when I spin them the comb is coming out. Probably have 10 boxes like this that are full now. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    you say you put them togther wrong???? and what kind of spinner? a centrifical type you usually have to do a bit on one side, then a bit on the other back and forth because of the weight. (also spin slower)

    Find someone with a radial type?? Or crush and strain this batch.....

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    I assume that the frames were OK but you used foundation and didn't cross wire. If so, you'll likely lose some comb when you extract, especially if the extractor is not well balanced by equal weight frames or good distribution. Better to go slow and take longer to extract. You'll save some comb like that. If you go really slow, you'll leave some honey in the comb but when you feed it back to the bees to clean up, the bees will appreciate it.
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    How old is the comb? If it is freshly drawn wax, it is super soft. Crushing it or using it as cut comb honey is the best way I know of for fresh wax. Once the comb gets a month or so old, it will harden up.

    If the comb isn't well attached to the frames, the comb will try to come out too.

    Is this a tangential extractor, where you extract one side, and then flip the frame and extract the other side? They are easy to blow out comb. You can extract part of the honey on one side, flip the frame and extract that side, and then flip the frame again and finish extracting the first side. It's a pain, but you may be able to avoid blowing out comb.

    And if it is a hand crank extractor - don't try to see how fast you can make it spin. The faster you spin the more forces you have trying to blow out the comb.


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