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    Default Fresh wax question!!!!

    I have some wax I just extracted honey from a wild swarm, is it better to melt it and use it for the future.....what should i do with this wax????
    If I melt it, what is the best way to melt it????
    Thanks, James Sharp

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    Default Re: Fresh wax question!!!!

    I melt my wax in a solar melter I made out of an old ice chest. It was an old aluminum ice chest made by Coleman.

    I took a circular carbide metal cutting disc and cut out the middle of the top chest lid leaving 1.5 inches around the edges.

    I cut out a piece of plexi glass to the outside edge dimensions of the chest lid, and predrilled and screwed the plexi to the lid using 3/4" screws with some high temp gasket sealer between the surfaces of the plexi and the chest lid border.

    I used an 8 frame queen excluder in the bottom of the solar chest so I get a flat level surface in the bottom when the chest is tilted towards the sun.

    On this Qexcluder tray, I set a large pot with 1" water in the bottom. Into this pot I put my wax material inside a paint strainer bag.

    The wax melts out clean, the paint strainer bag catches all the junk, the melted wax floats on top of the water. When cool, the wax will shrink away from the sides of the pot and you can remove it.

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    Default Re: Fresh wax question!!!!

    I use a solar wax melter. That is, I will use one if the sun comes out sometime this year. Wax melters work well. Mine drains into a breadpan that I attach a paper towel to the top of. The hot wax melts down through the towel which acts as a filter. When the pan is full, I have a "loaf" of beeswax.
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