Best describe me as "dumb, but happy" so far with my new beekeeping adventure. Got a late start this spring and couldn't find anyone who still had packaged bees, so found someone an hour away selling nucs. I can't compare using nucs to packaged bees, but using them worked pretty slick--and they weren't that much more expensive.

I got into beekeeping due to my uncle giving me a couple of his hives. He hadn't used them for over 15 years, so was pretty sure they were free of any kind of disease/critters, although I did buy and set-upped a new hive just in case.

Fortunately an acquaintance of mine is a beekeeper and has become my mentor, which has been great--I owe him at least two cases of beer by now!

Well, back outside to check on the girls--I put on the supers last week so am anxious to see if anything is going on with them.