After what was the start of year 3 without bess for our fruit trees we rented 3 hives (to put at 2 locations.) After a couple of months and acceptance by the family (ie. nobody got harrased by the bees) we decided to have our own hives for the future. We got started later in the year ordering bees and ended up on a waiting list. We ended up buying the 2 rental hives at the one location and the 2 new hives bees finally arrived in early June for a total of 3 hives in one location and 1 hive in another.

We started with just single deep hives and have now added additional deeps to 3 of the 4 hives. Both of the rental hives swarmed. One of them recovered quite well (it now has a second deep), the other not so well. We will be checking it this weekend to see wether succesfully it produced a new queen. We aren't sure how it will do. Our check 2 weeks ago had only one capped queen cell and 2-3 frames of capped drone cells but very few capped worker cells. We had a local person help us with the initial hive inspections.