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  • Nook

    47 90.38%
  • Nuck

    5 9.62%
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    Default Re: How do you pronounce Nuc?

    Not nook like look,
    Not nuck like luck,
    But do pronounce nuke like Luke (which is not a choice for the poll).

    I call my coworker Robert by "Rob"
    My girlfriend's brother William by "Will"
    My sis-in-law Christine by "Chris" and her sister Elizabethy is "Lizzy"
    and my mother is Margaret and has gone by "Mickey" her entire life.

    And, I'm from the North and say route like "scout", not like "boot."
    And roof like "goof".
    BUT I do say "pop" intead of coke or soda, unless I'm traveling, then I say "soda."
    Now where did I put those bees?

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    Default Re: How do you pronounce Nuc?

    Wow. This post has generated more interest then any other on the list in the last few days.

    How often do you use the word nuc in your every day life.?

    Only beeks even know what it means. And when you post on this site then pronouncing it does not matter unless you talk out loud while you type. Say it on an airplane and watch Home Land Security storm the plane. So Tomāto Tomäto.

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    Default Re: How do you pronounce Nuc?

    Since I first saw the word, I thought it was as in "nucleus".
    So many little time.

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