Every year I have problems with this and this year is starting out the same. My fume boards don't move the bees out. It's probably my technique but I've tried a million different ways and none work - consistantly.

Here's what I do: Pop the lid, put a couple puffs of smoke, or not, put the fume board on crooked to let the bees on top fly out, then straighten it after a minute or so. I do this with 6 to 10 boards at a time depending on how many workers. Anyway, it doesn't seem to matter how hot it is, how long I leave it on or anything. 90% of the time I have lots of bees left in the super (I would guess anywhere from 300 to 1000). Yesterday it clouded up in the afternoon and they started working better after that - go figure.

Considerations: I use Bee Go that's a few years old (does it go bad?)
Got my boards from Mann Lake (never used anything else.)
I thought shallow supers would help, it hasn't.
Bees usually go to the bottom of the super and just hang out there.
Many times the super if full of "wet" bees that refuse to descend.

Any suggestions? I know I'm doing something wrong just haven't figured it out yet. I carry a blower to finish the job the fume boards don't. Thanx

-Rob Bliss