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    Default Hello from Oberlin, OH!

    I've been reading and learning so much, I thought it was about time to say an official Hello.
    My friend kept bees for a few years here in town. She had a pace maker installed and needed help with her hive and I volunteered. Last year she moved away and offered her hive, and all the equipment. We had an awful winter and her hive died (many around this area did) so I started from scratch this May.
    During that long wait for my first package I attended beekeeping classes through the Lorain County Beekeepers association, read up online and books. Cleaned equipment, joined Beesource and prepped a spot in the yard for my first hive. I was very lucky to have newer drawn frames, a few older brown drawn frames along with brand new never been touched. My ladies arrived with a combination of frames to start off and they have been going gangbusters. I believe I may be able to put a honey super on this week!
    Two weeks ago I captured a swarm and I'm getting the newbie crash course in Varroa control and possible trecheal mites. Resources for information here have been invaluable. My new hive's queen is laying with good formation so far and her court seems to be bulking up well. I am so excited.
    Thank goodness the bees are forgiving. I've done so many things sideways and upside down but it seems to work out. I captured part of the swarm in my hat and veil, works well but a devil to get them out.

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    Default Re: Hello from Oberlin, OH!

    Hello and Welcome!

    This is a good forum to learn more about bees & beekeeping.

    I had been planning for a year to come to Oberlin for HAS this summer and then my boss asked me to re-schedule my vacation so he could send me to a training class. It's hard to complain when I'm fortunate-enough to have a job, but I'm still sorry to miss it.


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