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    Default How to get bees removed

    Howdy Yíall,

    Newcomer here. Iíve spent a bit of time on your forum searching for a solution to my problem, and because of some time issues decided to sign up and impose myself on you.

    The short version is Ė I just found a swarm of bees and Iíve got a mobile 2 yr old grand-daughter coming to visit in a few days. What to do ?

    First thought was to find a bee-keeper. Iím looking for one but so far nothing Ė thereís nobody in the phone book, craigslist, this website, A&Mís site, etc. thatís within 150 miles of here (Abilene TX)

    Some questions Iíve got:
    1 - What happens when people try to ďspray Ďem with RaidĒ like Iíve read here ? Doesnít sound like itís good whatever it is.
    2 Ė Iíve read that itís nigh impossible to tell friendlies from AHBs outside a lab other than their behavior, correct ? I got awful close to these guys by accident, turned on a motor thatís 6 inches away from Ďem and didnít seem to disturb them any. Can we take anything from that ?
    3 Ė If I canít find a bee-keeper have I got any options ? Iíd rather run them off than have Ďem killed. I like bees (although one of Ďem put me into shock once).

    The bees are in a 1.5í x 1.5í round plastic stand that holds a swimming pool filter (has a 3Ē hole in it that gave them access). Iím allergic to stings so have to limit my options accordingly, but other than that willing to try most anything.

    Iíd appreciate any and all advice !

    P.S. Nice website.

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    Default Re: "I have honey bees that need to be removed"

    try here

    and here

    have you tried calling your county agriculture extension agent or the fire department, sometimes they have a list of beekeepers that will do removals.

    Might see if there is a local beekeepers club in the area.

    good luck with them.


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    Default Re: "I have honey bees that need to be removed"

    Here is contact info for two of the Texas beekeepers associations that should be closest to you in Abilene. Got this info off the web, so not sure how up todate it is.

    Central Texas Beekeepers Association
    D.D. Dillon - President
    511 W.Alamo St.
    Brenham, TX 77833
    Ph: 979.567.7570
    or 979.277.6212

    Permian Basin Beekeepers Association
    Contact Info
    J.C. and Dean Brittingham
    3213 North Adams
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (915) 332-2215

    Good luck!


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