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    Default I made a round and found

    Here's what i found, I would like advice if anyone thinks of a better way to salvage at least two of them if not all three.
    In my yard where the commercial crops are grown. One colony who has been queenless for two months(a trapout) they made one queen cell that for whatever reason didn't make it. Then I gave them a frame of mostly eggs, and they made 12 more queen cells from them. I cut away two queen cells to give to another colony that had lost their queen to a shotgun (LONG STORY) those cells were broke open after two weeks, so I crossed my fingers one of the queens would get bred and make it back.
    1 month later, still no brood in one hive, and in the hive that I donated two queen cells to appeared to be laying at exactly the time things should have worked out. I was happy in knowing they should make it. So, I went out yesterday to check on them and discovered the 10 cells I left in the one colony never made it back as they still have no eggs brood etc. the other one that I donated to has brood, but it is all drones and I counted in some cells several eggs. Some cells eggs were on the sides etc. This particular swarm that was shot has now dwindled down to almost nothing.
    Should I buy both colonies a queen, or combine them and buy one queen?

    I meant to add that the third swarm I caught is perfect as far as I can tell. Does anyone think I should still some eggs and give to the others?

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    Default Re: I made a round and found

    I just dumped the laying worker hive I had; it was accepted to the original.

    I am waiting till late July to try again

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    Default Re: I made a round and found

    Combine all three together with newspaper and split next spring if they survive.

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    Default Re: I made a round and found

    Josh Carmack,
    I'm new to beekeeping, but I do know when you are queenless for the amount of time you were your almost always going to have trouble requeening.
    The biggest reason is laying workers. This is apparent that your got laying workers with lots of drones and multible eggs as well as not in the center. Next time get a queen sooner. If your new swarm has a queen do what bee slave said two sheets of news paper between each hive one on top of the other with the new swarm on top.


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