Hello and Good Morning,
I'm a first year beek and one of our two hives swarmed last week. We caught the swarm and placed it within two new deeps that I hastily prepared. Yesterday I checked both the swarm hive and the original hive. Both appeared to be strong (and with approximately equal numbers of bees) and I saw our old marked queen laying eggs in the new swarm hive.

My question is as follows:

Is it possible to recombine the two hives back together in their original location or should I just get used to the fact that I now have three hives? I don't currently have enough honey supers for three hives (and I've maxed out my bee equipment budget for this year) and frankly, two hives was plenty for me to handle as a first year keeper. The thought of three is a bit overwhelming.

And, if I can't combine back in the original location, can I combine the two hives in the new location (which is where the swarm hive is currently located)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!