Hi there,

I use BS National hives over here in the UK and I currently have one hive with one standard brood box (or deep) containing Hoffman self-spacing frames WITH wired foundation that is going to need supering quite soon.

As an experiment, I was going to add a super with what we call BS Manley (self-spacing) frames over here, and I wondered if it would be possible to get the bees to develop their own comb in this super box - situated above a queen excluder - by simply leaving out the wooden wedges at the top of the Manley frames, where you'd normally nail in the foundation with gimp pins, and by leaving the bottom bar IN PLACE so that they know where to stop?

Are they likely to make their own comb for storing the honey this way or is it likely to end up a right Royal mess as I'm almost combining two methods of beekeeping - brood box with foundation and super without?!

Any help and advice appreciated.