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    Was just curious if cross combing is less of a problem when you go with a Lang hive with empty frames vs. a Kenyan top bar hive. I may be wrong, but it seems to me it would be less of a problem because a four sided frame would give them more of a comb guide compared to just a top bar. Using just top bars for the first time this year has been a nightmare for me, my bees built out the first 3-4 bars perfectly on center from end to end, but after that it got worse with each sucessive bar on out to the 12th bar(currently). I didn't stay on top of them like I should have and now my two KTBH's are cross combed so bad with the exception of the first 3-4 bars, that I can't even remove any bars without causing comb failures. I had two bars of sealed brood and honey break off last weekend in one hive when I tried to cut the cross combing loose hoping to straighten things out. What a disaster!

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    I have both and have very little cross combing in either. No real difference. But some bees seem intent on crosscombing. Usually, though, the big issues is making sure they get started right in the first place. Good comb leads to good comb. Putting empty bars between perfect straight combs results in perfect straight combs. A perfect straight comb on the end of the row where they are building tends to lead to a perfect straight comb next.
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