Hi all, I'm new here & was wondering if anybody could shed some light on this subject for me?

My husband recently started driving for a small flatbed company in SD that does quite a bit of bee hauling. He's new at it and it's been quite the learning experience for him- yes, he does get out of the truck & has his own nets and such....he's much braver than I would be!

Anyway, he's been told by several people experienced in bee hauling that he is "exempt" from federal Hours of Service regulations & does not have to keep a logbook when he's hauling bees. I drove OTR for 5 yrs and he has been out here almost 6....and neither of us really trust that "advice" at face value. As far as I know, there aren't any hours-of-service exceptions for interstate tractor-trailer drivers outside of a 100 mile radius of their home base....

As far as I can tell, people are using part 391.2 of the FMCSR as their basis for saying "bee-haulers don't have to keep a logbook":
"(b) Apiarian industries. The rules in this part do not apply to a driver who is operating a commercial motor vehicle controlled and operated by a beekeeper engaged in the seasonal transportation of bees."

But the way this is worded....it sounds like it only applies if the BEE-KEEPER himself (or herself) is the person driving the truck?

Plus, the hours-of-service regulations are in part 395 of the FMCSR, so if the rules in part 391 don't apply to bee-haulers, it still has nothing to do with keeping a logbook.

So....I was wondering if anybody here has spent time hauling bees (their own or somebody elses) long distances in a tractor-trailer & has any solid knowledge of this rule. Or, if you ship with outside trucking companies, maybe you could find a driver who isn't TOO full of bull dung (gotta look hard!) to clarify this for me.

In the meantime, husband is going to play it safe & follow the logbook rules as he understands them . As an aside, his new job has actually gotten me interested in beekeeping as a possible future hobby. Never knew much about it until I snagged his Dadant catalog that he brought home when his boss took him to buy his bee suit . So I'm happy to have found this forum!