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    Default New Beekeeper from Seattle, Wa

    Hello from Seattle!

    My mother and I have two hives that are new this year. My mom kept bees in Seattle's Central District over 20 years ago but this is my first year as an 'official beekeeper'. Rescuing bees from the kiddie pond as a 5 year-old probably doesn't count as 'officially keeping bees'. So I'm definitely still in the learning phase.

    Right now we're trying to determine if one of our hives has lost its queen. We have patchy egg patterns but can't determine if our queen is just a faulty layer or if the workers are laying. I look forward to browsing the forums for advice and suggestions.

    Kindest regards,


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    Default Re: New Beekeeper from Seattle, Wa

    have fun!! there are alot people here that can answer any thing you need to know, you will enjoy it

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    Default Re: New Beekeeper from Seattle, Wa

    Hi Sonja,

    Welcome to the forum. You'll love this place. I think rescuing bees as a 5 year old qualifies you as a beekeeper early on. It's very cool that both you and your Mom are beekeeping together.


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