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    Default Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    Well; as winter wains, the igloos are starting to melt, had to park the dogsled this week and let the teams run loose..... oh wait.... just kidding but we are waiting for the temps to comes up.

    Seriously now, I took a quick intro course over the winter, found a location last week and bought the hives yesterday. Two single boxes, one strong the other very strong. I moved them 100 miles home and set them out. All seems fine but it is cool. We are not yet at 50 degrees on your scale so the bees are just starting to fly. I am hoping on avoiding the initial swarm and getting one hive on to two brood boxes. Then sit back and pray I don't mess this up.

    I look forward to chatting here. It seems like a good group.

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    Welcome, Alex!

    I agree with you - seems like a good group here.

    Good luck to you and your bees. Aren't we fortunate the bees know more about this business than we do...

    I would be interested in your progress (reports, maybe) due to the difference in location, climate, methods, etc.


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    Welcome Alex (and Chicken). This is a great resource
    for beekeeping. And it just got better with you two

    I am not to far from you Alex....... not to many on here
    I can say are neighbors to the north.
    Closing in on retirement.......


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