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    Default Partner Sought ND Bee Operation

    Looking to partner up with an experienced bee keeper. Anyone looking to grow their business quickly will find this interesting. We need an experienced bee keeper who can bring their own equipment, knowledge, and bees to combine with ours.

    Here some of the ways I can help run a successful honey operation:

    - 10,000 acres in the North Dakota Turtle Mountains and South Western ND where bees have produced honey and are on now
    - Buildings for storage in North Dakota and would consider building a new one with a new extraction setup
    - Extracting set up in Minneapolis where I can do most of the extracting
    - I also have tractors, trucks, and trailers
    - Some labor help with the bees in ND
    - Good connections for marketing and a marketing plan to get top dollar for our product. Including two websites that have high traffic.
    - 800 suppers with wire frames and willing to buy more
    - 32 Frame stainless steel Extractor
    - Two wheel carts with 50 gallon barrels.
    - Decapper

    The land I have in ND is mainly alfalfa and CRP surrounded by lots of trees and crop land... A large percentage of the alfalfa is not cut in until September so it will be in bloom for a long time. The land is also very wet with a number of water holes and small streams running thru it. There are also a number of Choke Cherry and June Berry trees in the area that I would think have the potential to make great honey.

    The plan would be I set you up in my locations and do a type of test run to see if we can work well together and the operation can be profitable. If the test run is successful I have investors that are willing to put money in the operation for bees, additional equipment, and some major marketing ideas. I and my investors are looking to buy 400 hives this fall if the operation is a success.

    I am willing to commit as much time as possible to the operation. And as stated above I can handle most of the extraction if we use the Minneapolis warehouse.

    I do not know a lot about this business but it looks like the numbers make sense. If you think my costs are low and my revenue are high please let me know. I have tried to estimate revenue on the low side and costs on the high side. Here is a quick rundown on a 1600 hive operation we would like to push for 3,000+ hives. Once my initial investment is paid back I am willing to put most of my money back into the business.

    These are Proforma statements or estimates on costs that the business would incur in a normal operating year. If for some reason the test run was a total flop I would be willing to not charge rent or even take a percentage of the profits.


    Almond Pollination $100 / Hive $160000.00

    North Dakota Honey $125.00 / Hive (125lbs @ $1.00) $200000.00


    Treatments $50.00 / Hive $80,000
    Trucking $80,000
    Misc $15,000
    Tools/ Parts $4000
    Bees $26400
    Boxes $15,000
    Fuel/Travel $10000
    Queen Replacement $9,600
    New Queens $16,000
    Yard Rent**** $5000

    Total Profit $104,000
    Our Cut 15% of Net Revenue $15,600

    In Your Pocket before Taxes $88,400

    **** Yard rent includes using warehouses, storing trucks, using our equipment, winter storage, all 10,000 aces of land we have access too. And about anything else we need to do in order to make this work. Costs will also depend on what you bring to the table as far as equipment etc…

    We are open to all ideas and would love to visit with you.

    Call Matt at 763-229-8436
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    Are these alf. fields for hay or seed? Hay is cut in early bloom leaving little nectar.


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    i have a small opperation. i bee willing to help out. just pm me

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    Default The general idea would be to have an experienced beekeeper running the operation with

    How much are you paying your experienced beekeeper?
    Do you have insurance, medical, dental and vision?
    My website

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