Recently, a friend of mine told me of a fishing trip to Montana. He said that he had seen some really big bee hives out in some of the really big fields of grain (he thought they were hops fields). He thought that the "hives" might have been approximately 8-foot cubes. They were off-loaded from trucks and seemed to be placed randomly in the fields. I felt that he had seen something else and thought they were beehives (he said they were white, with x'es and o'es painted on their sides). Either he saw something, or he was pulling my leg, or, as a fisherman, he was stretching the numbers.

I contacted another friend of mine in Bigfork, Mt., who contacted his son-in-law, who said: "yes, a while back he had seen them, lots of them".

I searched the web for all types of subjects: "commercial beekeepers", "big bee hives", etc., but thus far, the only suggestion I've received is that they may have been four hives on pallets. My friend said that would not be big enough.

I feel that if these "large hives" have anything to do with bees, then the commercial people would know about them. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Charlie