I ordered 3 Cordovan Queens from Chris McCary on May 15th. Since they do not take debit/credit cards I express mailed the check to him to get the queens quickly so I could requeen some HOT hives. They do not use email, only a phone which is his cell phone. They cashed the check on May 20th and said they shipped out the queens on May 21st. After not receiving the queens on May 25th I called and he said he would check into it. I received no call back. Then after finally reaching him Chris stated he would talk to the post office with the tracking number but that he would reship on the 28th since the other queens were probably dead. Well I received no queens on yet by June 1st when he said they would be here and no queens yet by June 3rd. Now his cell phone goes right to voice mail no returned call.
I would say be very carefull sending checks that can not be refunded. I have heard good things about McCary Apiaries but I would say that in the 1 year I have been doing this they are not as professional as other I have dealt with.

Currently 6 hives and 3 stings.