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    Default 1 or 2 hive bodies for Montana

    the bees have my bottom deeps foundation drawn out to about 80% so I think it is time to add on. My one hive already has a 2nd deep on it. the second hive has only one deep. Do i put a 7 5/8 super on it or another deep. I think that i need two deeps of storage for the winter I am guessing. my 9 5/8 deeps are ritecell foundation and need to be drawn out. else i do have several 7 5/8" supers which are fully drawn. the bees are new packages about 5 weeks old. i am would love some honey for the winter for myself but the bees come first what would you do?

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    definatly 2 9 5/8 deeps. some guys in upstate NY are useing 3..... I would say 2 for sure, and have some patties ready for late winter/ spring.

    Even filling 2 deeps you have some time for honey yet this year.


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