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    Default CT/NE Honey Flow?

    As I am new to beekeeping I have found this forum very helpful! Here in CT it appears the honey flow was going really well.. I had 1 hive fill a deep with brood and honey in about a week. A few questions though
    1. One hive will not move up into the second deep.. not even draw wax out (plasticell frames). Although the bottom deep they are starting to draw off the bottoms and top of frames and join frames together with burr comb. I took empty frames from the top deep and switched them with some in the bottom deep. I have also sprayed down all empty frames with untreated sugar syrup. Is there anything additional I can do to get them moving onto new frames?
    2. How are other CT/ New England beekeepers doing with honey flow and how long does it last? (this year has been unusually cool and rainy) My second hive also will not move onto new frames, although they have filled the 2 deeps, and a medium super is up next).

    Thank you in advance for any information. This forum is a fantastic resource for beekeepers.. especially anyone new and it is greatly appreciated.

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    I have been busy making splits and setting up my observation hive. In my area I don't expect to see much honey produced till this month. Even then the big crop is always the goldenrod. I have seen that the locust is in bloom so I put supers on my strongest hives to see what they can do.

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    We are in a middle of a strong honey flow.
    Most likely your deeps have become honey bound and the bees will not draw the foundation over. You need to remove some side frames filled with honey and put new frames with foundation, 2-3 at a time.

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    I have black locust and rhodedenrum (sp?) in bloom up here in Andover. I put on a super this Sat. and the bees are really in there working it. I hope to get this one full by the end of the month. But when I was in NY i pretty much just counted on goldenrod in the late summer for MY honey. Anything other than that was grazy.

    Also don't rush the bees your/their first year. Develop a relationship with them and concentrate on learning and getting them ready for the winter. My first year I rushed it and saw two hive starve to death due to my own greed
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