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    Default A couple of questions

    I posted this on Beekeeping 101 but got no answers. Hopefully someone here can help.

    Do bees work Potatoes and do they work bindweed? I put a new swarm that I hived in a field with a lot of bindweed and there were blooms everywhere. To me it looked good but will the bees like it? Same question about potatoes. I have a few acres of potatoes and when they bloom, it is a solid mass but I didn't know if the bees will work them or not.

    One last question, I think I may have small hive beetles. I captured some swarms and put them into some medium boxes and a top feeder with sugar water. I checked later and the top feeder was solid with these little small black beetles that I'd never seen before. there were hundreds of them floating in the water and on the feeder. They are about 1/8" in lengeth and about 1/16" in width. I've never seen SHB before in any of my hives and now only in these new hives with the top feeders. Is it probable that these are SHB and if they are, what is the best way to rid the colony/hive of them? They are isolated (15 miles) from most of my hives that are in town.

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    I do not know if they will work those plants. I've only seen one or two honeybees on the morning glories, I mainly see bumblers on them. I do need to add the honeybees were all over the morning glories early in the day last year. This year they hardly touch them so far.

    As far as SHB are concerned traps and mainly keeping a strong healthy hive are your best bets. If they are dead in a feeder then you have that many less in the hive. If they keep coming then something may be attracting them to the hive.
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    the small hive beetle appears to me to be quite roundish and it's color seems to somewhat vary from very black to a reddish black. if you see one at the top of the hive there will be 100 on the bottom board.

    fatbeeman had a homemade trap you might wish to try.


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