Went to church this morning. I was in Sunday School when a lady of the church came to tell me that there were bees in the nursery. I went up to find about 200 bees in the children's nursery, most up in the fluorescent lights. I went outside and there was a swarm on the peak of the building - apparently some of them were going in a vent and coming out in the ceiling of the nursery! I called my mentor for some advice and found out something I didn't know - if you call 911, they will give you names and numbers of local beekeepers who catch swarms. We got a hold of a man who said he would come with his bee vac. I opened the door of the nursery and the bees inside started to come out and go back up to the swarm. The men opened the lights and moved some ceiling tiles so more could escape. As we were waiting for the beekeeper, the bees suddenly took off. We watched them travel in a mass across the road to the cemetery and reform into another ball on a cedar tree! It was pretty awesome! He arrived shortly after that and sucked most of the bees into a hive box! All in all it was an amazing experience!! It was also pretty cool being the "expert" since I am fairly new to all of this! I've learned a lot from all of you!!