I've got 12 Warre hives of various ages -- 1 was installed April 6th, 9 were installed at the end of April and a couple others were swarms installed at various times. They are at 5 different sites -- some of which have top bar hives at the same place going gangbusters.

The issue: All but 2 of the hives refuse to begin building in the bottom box, thus leading my two earliest Warres to swarm. I just checked the 9 others today after 2 weeks and while 1 has built out the entire top box and most of the bottom, the rest have filled the top box with no comb whatsoever in the bottom box.

All of these hives are built identically, all of them use the same style bars with wax painted onto a single popsicle stick. Could they need more wax? Is there something I missed in my reading of Beekeeping for All?!

Your input is most appreciated!