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    I had a great ideal as to what to do with the scrap corner peices after cutting out those nice top bars. I have some langs and I took those left over corner pieces and stapled and glued them on the top bar of the frames and they made great foundationless comb and drew it straight. It was either use the scraps as smoker fuel or try to utilize them some how I hate to waste. Try it out it worked great.

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    Default Re: Top Bar Wax Necessary???

    Trapper- Grew up in Lexington. Now in So Cal in the hills- Paradise.

    I too used spare lumber and busted out grooved bars. (I never have used foundation in Langs and had these around when TBH was built)

    Used normal 2x2 bars from home depot. Cut down the ends to sink bar into hive and nailed and gorilla glued scraps to bars. Rubbed some clean comb from burr onto the grove (scrap).

    Mutt swarm from costal Encinitas, (North San Diego CA)

    Girls built all straight comb on the bars with no bur or crossing seen. Have been calm and nice on combs.

    Legs been broken for a bit so I have not checked on them in almost a month, 2 weeks left.....

    Been in there since mid May, big swarm checked last time in Early July.

    They had built 20 bars on a 32 bar (4 ft) hive. Built off plans from biobee


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