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    Exclamation Help with requeening

    I got a queen to replace the one that had gone missing two weeks ago. I removed all the queen cells and cups and put her in, I checked back after three days and they hadn't quiteeaten through the candy but they were feeding her so I opened the candy the rest of the way and put the cage back in the hive, the next day or two I took the cage out and got stung for my troubles. I somehwo managed to leave the hive alone for a week and just check today. I didn't see her but I did find a capped queen cell and didn't see any open brood or eggs, except for an egg in another queen cup. Being a rank newby I freaked out and went through my other hive which is doing quite well and grabbed several frames of capped brood, open brood and I hope eggs and put them in with adhering bees.
    Am I over reacting and it is normal for a newly requeened hive to try and raise a queen? I guess it could have been from before the requeening but why would they start a new queen?
    Suggestions and opinions welcome.

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    It seems that either they didn't like your queen and decided to supercede her after she layed a few eggs.

    or possibly you already had a queen in there... in which case they probably killed her, or they both died, etc.

    did you see any other eggs or larva?

    I would let them supercede

    and putting extra frames with eggs was not a bad thing, possibly they need 'better' eggs to try to raise a queen from.

    check back and see if you see eggs/ when you think the new (emerged) queen would be laying.


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