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    Great ideas for smoker fuel...thanks! I plan to try them all.

    Regarding the bees eating the honey when smoked and losing production time because of that, I read in one of my bee books that after it's over, the bees just regurgitate the honey and don't really lose any time/honey because of it. I'm no expert, that's just what I read. I haven't noticed any adverse effects from smoking myself, and I probably did too much when I first started. I have used sugar water spray as well, though mostly with swarms. I was afraid it would cause robbing in the bee yard.

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    I think it's a complex question. Is the question whether or not there is still some slight difference in the hive three days later? Perhaps. A pebble in a lake sends rings all the way to the other side. But that doesn't mean all the fish in the path are disturbed by it. My point is the difference by an hour later is probably impossible to discern but that doesn't mean there isn't a difference. I'm sure things are slightly off for a while, but not by much. Not smoking can disturb them more than lightly smoking them as lightly smoking them keeps them from having a defensive reaction. Not smoking them might set off a major defensive. I never heavily smoke them.
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    I have been pondering how to actually test this question myself.. I have a hive on a scale for nectar flow. but have not come up witha way to determine any answers.. any suggestions ona test theroy would be interesting.


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