I made a Kenyan style top bar hive a few months ago. My neighbor captured a softball sized swarm a few days ago and put them into a Langstroth hive with empty brood comb. He knew that I needed some bees so he brought them over. The bees were clustered on a few frames in the Langstroth hive so I thought I would just pull the frames and drop them down into my new hive without disturbing the bees too much. I had to lay the frames in perpendicular to my top bars because my hive is tapered (Kenyan style) and the Langstroth frames are rectangular. After letting the bees settle in I removed two of the frames leaving only one behind to let the bees feel more at home with comb already there. Now I'm wondering if they will draw comb on my top bars along the starter strips (strips of foundation bees waxed into a saw kerf)... or will they want to draw comb parallel to the Langstroth frame. Also, if they are already establishing brood.... how and when is a good time to remove the Langstroth frame? Now I'm thinking I should just have dumped them in my new hive and hoped they liked it well enough to stay. I'm open for suggestions.