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    Default Hi from Gainesville, FL

    Hello everyone,
    My 6 year old son shocked me a couple of weeks ago by telling me that he would like to learn beekeeping. The weirdest thing is that he didn't know that I was a beekeeper in the Peace Corps many years ago (more than I care to admit ). So I've been teaching him about bees and different aspects of beekeeping, thinking he would lose interest, but so far he is still gung-ho. Everyday he begs me to take him to the lumber yard to buy what we need to build our hive. I'm really excited to get my hands back into a hive, and super excited to be sharing that with my son. In Paraguay we used top bar hives, which is what I would like to start out with. I consider myself a "beginner" beekeeper, since I only did it for 2 years, over 10 years ago. I would like for us to also learn how to keep bees in a Langstroth as well, but one step at a time. I'm heading over to the top bar thread to ask some questions....
    Looking forward to talking to you all!
    ~struggling every day to do God's will~

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    Welcome back to the world of beekeeping! Its good to know that kids are interested in bees as well. Top bar hive are fun to have around and easy to care for. Good luck!

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    Ah... a resident of my favorite little florida town. welcome aboard.

    what can I say but GO GATORS class of.... well so long ago that the date don't really need to be repeated... as a clue that somewhat well know musician who calls gainesville his home was roaming the streets of gainesville at approximately the same time.

    I am of course not a newbee but do quite enjoy seeing the younger folks getting involved in the world of beekeeping.


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