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    Default bumble bees vs honey bees

    Well I go out to my buddies farm yesterday to check how my girls are doing and all the langstroth hives were great but I open the one TBH I have there and at the back of the hive where they have not built any comb yet there is a pile of dead bees this worried me a lot. So I decide to dig deeper thinking I have a serious problem and about 3 to 4 combs in on the screened bottom lays a dead bumble bee so I think to myself boy did he bite off more than he could chew. So I dig a little deeper and behold 3 more dead bumbles. Must of been all out war in the hive I think to myself and just as I pick up the 3 in flys 4 more bumbles trying to get in the entrance. I hate to admit it but it made me kind of mad here I stand with the top off and they try to get in while I am standing right there. So they met there demise by me this time. The only thing I could figure was I have four 1 inch holes for an entrance and it was just to many so I closed 2 of them so they could better defend themselves. After that I noticed a couple of bumbles trying to get in maybe 20 minutes later after they were closed up. They gave up and went away other than that they seemed to be doing well there was a lot of new comb being made and nectar being stored so hopefully the closed entrances will solve every thing it is kind of a bummer to see all those dead bees but a real releif to see they were able to defend themselves.

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    It sounds like you did the right thing. Interesting story thanks


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