I am a first year beekeeper in central MA with one hive - I installed a package on 4/13, and the bees have been doing great! I added a 2nd deep super a couple of weeks ago.

I have heard the idea that beekeepers shouldn't expect any honey the first year, especially from a packaged hive on undrawn foundation. I understand the reasons why but have some questions about the logistics.

* As the bees draw out the comb in the 2nd brood chamber, should I plan on adding honey supers?

* If I do, is this the honey the bees use for the upcoming winter?

* If so, how would they move up into the super over the winter? I thought they would/should stay in the brood boxes.

* How would I know if they have put up enough honey that I could take some (if at all)?

I thought that the bees would keep their own stores in the lower 2 brood boxes, and that was what had to subsist them through the winter.

If someone could enlighten me on this aspect, I'd appreciate it!

-- Steven