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    Arrow Hello from SE Iowa

    I just started this year with one Hive... All I could aford this year. Has anyone in southeast Iowa seen any feral bees this year? I have seen a total of 5 bees out in the country and in town. I would like to catch a swarm, but it seems the feral bees have all died out from mites etc.

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    Welcome aboard MC, glad you're here.
    Closing in on retirement.......

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    Default Welcome

    Hello from a fellow Hawkeye (rural North Liberty).
    Likewise, I have seen very few feral bees. We have an acreage outside of town, with prairies, orchard, vineyard, lots of clover etc. I have never had a problem running around barefoot in the yard for fear of stepping on a bee. When I was a kid in Burlington, just walking across the yard that way could yield several stings. It's great now to walk around and actually see honeybees on blossoms.
    Like you, we have only started one hive but I wish we had gone with two now. We'll have a second next year.
    Good luck!

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