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    Default Hello from upstate NY

    Hi All,
    Thanks for any and all knowledge shared with me in the numerous questions I'll be asking as I am brand new to beekeeping. I get my 1st set of bees on Friday (supposedly) and I'm relatively terrified. I'm using used equipment (1 year old) and am hoping I don't screw it all up too badly. I was smart enough to take a class, read some books, join a club and get a mentor ... so there is some hope!

    We also raise poultry (30+ chickens and 1 peacock), grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, make maple syrup and beer. But then, so do many beekeepers that I've met.

    Nice to meet you all,
    Mikko Cook
    The Accidental Farm

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    Mikko - - it's been over a month and I haven't killed mine yet! There is lots of help here from lots of perspectives - you'll find the way that fits you best. Bees seem pretty tolerant (except, perhaps of winter). Good luck and enjoy!


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